New Probiotics Generation

3 in 1 Intestinal Probiotics King

PGut E3 Upgraded Series

3 in 1 Intestinal Probiotics King

Effective postbiotic HK-LP cutting edge technology
(Metabolites of probiotics)

PGut E3 chooses the most clinically recognised postbiotics HK-LP(HK L.plantarum).Scientists discovered that heat killed probiotics has similar funtions when compared with viabe bacteria in addition to enhancing probiotics funtions.

Triple Prebiotics
(nutrients of probiotics)

FOS + GOS + Inulin foster probiotics growth
Probiotics can act as a energy source for probiotics. They enhance the probiotics function, foster intestinal peristalsis and detoxification.


According to WHO, active microorganisms are considered as probiotics once they are absorbed to a certain level. Acid tolerance level of PGut probiotics is up to 95%, which bring health benefits to the host.

3 in 1 Perfect Match

Probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics are closely related. They are similar but with different functions to complement each other. The newest BioMed E3 formula probiotics added more prebiotics and postbiotics in addition to selected patented probiotics strains.

Unique E3 formula with the latest scientifically discovered postbiotics HK-LP
Postbiotics HK-LP derived from probiotics is an active ingredient beneficial to human health. It includes probiotics components, molecules from metabolic products, organic acids and also some special active components in cell walls of lactic acid bacteria like folic acid, polysaccharides, short-chain fatty acids, vitamin, enzymes, etc. Postbiotics HK-LP added in PGut E3 is safe and stable, heat-resistant, strong acid-tolerance and able for long storage. Therefore, produce direct and quick effects to improve probiotics’ efficacy and modulate the needs of intestine.

PGut HK-LP postbiotics
Produced from inactivated probiotics, the three major key steps

Scientific bacteria strains
Screening for HK-LP

Optimizing bacteria
Cultivate active factor

Inactivated by heat
Produced by refined extraction

PGut E3
Effects of Postbiotics

1.Improve immunity

Modulation of body T immune cells to improve immunity.

2. Regulate allergic actions

Stimulation of macrophage to produce white blood cells IL-12 in order to suppress the production of IgE antibody which can cause allergy.

3. Anti-oxidation

Elimination of reactive oxygen species to protect cells from the damage by free radicals.

4. Modulation of gut microbiota composition

Modulation of gut microbiota composition by inhibiting the activity of pathogenic bacteria and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

PGut 腸禦力益生E3-舒緩腸道敏感腹瀉-解決便秘-調節免疫力及增強抵禦力-增添後生元增強效益-調節免疫力及增強抵禦力

PGut Premium E3

$ 380
  • Upgraded Functions
  • 23 billion of active probiotics
  • Gastro and bile salt resistant probiotics
  • Modulate immunity
  • Reduce intestinal sensitivity (Diarrhea/ constipation)

PGut SupremeSlim E3

$ 380
  • Upgraded Functions
  • 25 billion of active probiotics
  • Gastro and bile salt resistant probiotics
  • Stay full and burn more calories
PGut 抗敏益生菌E3-針對性地補充濕敏人士所需的益生菌-改善腸道健康-加強濕敏皮炎 的治療效果-改善過敏情況

PGut Allergy E3

$ 380
  • Upgraded Functions
  • 20 billion of active probiotics
  • Gastro and bile salt resistant
  • Reduce recurrence risks of skin allergy and dermatitis
  • Improve skin itchiness
  • Prevent rhinitis

PGut Mood+ E3

$ 380
  • Upgraded Functions
  • 23 billions active probiotics
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Improve mental tension
  • Improve emotional stress
  • Maintain relaxation


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